Aqua Programs

Master Swim

The Master Swim program is designed to improve your strokes for a better workout.

Private Swim Lessons

Adult and Children private lessons available any time with our certified swim instructors. Non members are able to participate.

Team Turbo

Team Turbo practice will be on Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Lanes will still be open for free swim.

We also offer a developmental swim team program for younger, less skilled swimmers to prepare them for competition.

Aqua Fitness Classes

Monday through Friday early morning

All classes offer improved cardiovascular fitness with less joint impact than land exercise and music is added to energize and motivate participants. The use of an aqua belt and watersneakers are recommended for stability, body alignment and safety.

Junior Swim Program

Group Swim lessons

Flounders (Pre-School A)

An entry level class for children with little or no water skills. The child must be 3 years old. Children will focus on general comfort in the water, submerging their head and blowing bubbles, floating on their back, and kicking.

Flounders ll (Pre-School B)

For children who have started to swim independently with or without support. Children will focus on bobs, floating, kicking on their front and back in streamline position, and swimming with their face in the water.

Barracudas (Level 2)

Children must be proficient in all the skills learned in previous levels. Children will focus kicking with a kickboard for extended lengths, kicking o their back in the streamline position, and start swimming the front crawl.

Stingrays (Level 3)

Children must be proficient in all skills learned in previous levels. The main objective of this level is to introduce complete strokes. Children will focus on swimming front crawl with alternate breathing, back crawl, and elementary backstroke.

Lionfish (Level 4)

Children must be proficient in all skills learned in the previous levels. Children will focus on learning the breaststroke, as well as streamline kick on their back using flutter, breast and dolphin kicks. They will also work on making the strokes already learned more efficient for greater distance.

Junior Programs