Fitness Classes


High energy, motivating fat burning workout to music. Have fun while feeling the challenge of the ride. Perfect for all fitness levels – beginner to serious cyclists. You determine your own exertion level.


Circuit training on our Technogym machines designed to offer participants a full body workout in a shorter period of time and in an easier format. This class is geared to motivate with music and encourage strength training in a fun group environment through continual rotation. Cardiovascular work is simultaneously incorporated at intervals.

Muscle Mix & Bodyblast

This class will strengthen and tone all muscles in your body. Train those hard to get areas with easy to do movements using free weights, bands, etc. Thirty minute segments offer targeted areas of concentration such as abdominals, arms, and "below the belt".

Cardio-Sculpt & Fit Forever

This class offers it all! You will start with a warm-up. Segments of cardio with either floor work or the step will then be followed by segments of body sculpting using free weights, balls and/or the tubes. You will end with abdominal work and stretching.


This cardio kick class is one hour of fat burning cardio which includes kicks and punches to build strength and stamina and ends with an abdominal workout.


Latin dance for beginners and active older adults with easy to follow moves, body beautifyiong benefits and infectious music. Change up your routine, join the party and have some fun!